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Business Integrity & Code of Conduct

Having adapted the principles of FIDIC's Business Integrity Management System and the United Nations Global Compact, African-Communication considers integrity essential when operating globally in developing countries. For this reason we have specified our principles for business integrity and a code of conduct for our consultants.

Quality of Service
• We deliver professional services in accordance with African-Communication policies and relevant technical and professional standards.
• We compete vigorously, engaging only in practices that are legal and ethical.
• We meet our contractual obligations and report and charge honestly for our services.
• We take responsibility for our actions as team members and as an organization.
• We comply with the "No Harm Done" principle at all stages of the consultancy.
• We are committed to the continuing improvement of our knowledge base, abilities and tools in our area of expertise.

Transparency and Integrity
• We collaborate transparently with companies, clients, stakeholders and citizens.
• We offer only those services we can deliver under contracting terms that do not interfere with our independence, integrity and objectivity.
• We shall avoid any conflict of interest, and will inform a customer beforehand of any potential conflict of interest that could emerge during the execution of consulting services.
• We will act with loyalty to our customers, and will maintain the confidentiality of any information from the customer that is obtained in the process of performing services.
• We will also keep confidential the documents and reports prepared for the customer.
• We shall manage with integrity our internal and external customers.

Ethical Principles
• We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure we are not complicit in human rights abuses.
• We work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.
• We respect every individual regardless of sex, race, nationality or creed. In the same vein we respect the culture, structure and customs of the communities and countries we work in.
• We do not operate as instruments of particular governments' foreign policy.

Code of Conduct
1. Objective
The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected of you in the performance of your duties. It gives guidance in areas where you need to make personal and ethical decisions.

2. Duty to client and authority
You shall carry out the assigned work with due care and diligence in accordance with the specified requirements and in collaboration with the client. If your professional judgement is overruled you must indicate the likely risks and consequences. In this event you are encouraged to seek advice and guidance from a peer or colleague on how best to respond.
You shall avoid any situation that may give rise to a conflict of interest between you and your client or authority. You shall make full and immediate disclosure to them if any conflict is likely to occur or be seen by a third party as likely to occur. You shall endeavour to complete work undertaken on time to budget and shall advise the relevant authority as soon as practicable if any overrun is foreseen.
You shall not misrepresent or withhold information or take advantage of the lack of relevant knowledge or inexperience of others.

3. Monitoring and evaluation
The partners of African Communication are responsible for monitoring and evaluating your compliance with this policy.