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Transition to Democracy

Transition to Democracy

African Communication's experience in transitional countries covers the Baltic States, Poland, Russia, South East Europe, African countries and currently the Arab States. In all transitional states it is evident that independent media, an active civil society and transparent public institutions are crucial for a successful transition to democracy.

At policy level African Communication carries out analyses founded on its experience from other countries in transition and drafts policies, designs and action plans. We facilitate stakeholder processes involving the media sector, civil society, and public and political authorities as an important means to secure the essential commitment of legislators, governments, media and journalists to sustainable policies, strategies and action plans in a modern media landscape.

Another issue is how to prioritise future media structures at national, regional and local levels with commercial, citizens and independent public service media, on-line and social media in order to facilitate citizens' freedom of expression. If it is decided to give public support it should be agreed how to do it transparently and without compromising the editorial independence of media organisations.

A third issue is how to build a sustainable media sector by assisting the professional organisations for journalists, print press, broadcast and online media.
A fourth area to agree on is how to strengthen the professionalism of the media through e.g. improved journalist education, mid-career and in-house training as well as international cooperation.

Finally, an active civil society is indispensable in order to hold media and the democratic government accountable and ensure a sustainable independent media landscape.

African Communication advises on the difficult choices and facilitates the implementation.