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Implemented Programmes, Projects and Services

The partners behind African-Communication have carried out numerous projects. Some are listed below to inspire your work on a successful transition to democracy.

Rwanda "Production of the State of Media Freedom in Rwanda Report" - Client: UNDP Rwanda, 2015
Evidence-based assessment of media freedom in Rwanda based on UNESCO's Media Development Indicators. The assessment evaluates if there is a system of regulation conducive to freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity, if there is plurality and diversity of media with a level economic playing field and transparency of ownership, and if the media is a platform for democratic discourse. It further assesses the professional capacity building and supporting institutions underpinning freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity as well as the infrastructural capacity to support independent and pluralistic media. The report is produced for the self-regulatory body Rwanda Media Commission and will provide a standard reference on media freedom in Rwanda and key recommendations for a future democratic media landscape.

Belgium "Concept Notes concerning Basket Fund and Commercial Investment Fund for Russian-Language Media Initiatives in the Eastern Partnership countries and beyond" - Client: European Endowment for Democracy, 2015.
Concept notes describing models of financial support to a basket fund and commercial investment fund solutions for Russian-Language Media in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and beyond based on recommendations from a feasibility study prepared by the EED. Rationale for selection of the model, legal structure and governance, mechanisms of funding approval and distribution, best practices/examples on which the model is built and preliminary budget (with estimation of possible sources).

Sierra Leone "Media Strategy Development for the Independent Media Commission in Sierra Leone" - Client: UNDP Sierra Leone, 2013
Design of a two-year media development strategy, a media development programme, an operational plan and a resource mobilisation plan aimed at further supporting the development of democracy through comprehensive capacity building support of the media landscape. Assessment of the capacity and needs of the media landscape, regional workshops for key media institutions and facilitation at a national forum of the IMC and stakeholders addressing the comprehensive development challenges of the media landscape.

Jordan "Revision and Update of the Media Component of the 2012 Programme on Support to Democratisation, Civil Society and Media in Jordan" - Client: EU Delegation Jordan, 2013
Revision of the media component of the existing draft Financing Agreement for the "Support to CSOs and Media" Programme and reassessment of media's needs in terms of training and institutional and administrative capacity building. Extensive consultations involving key stakeholders and other funding facilities to gather views and opinions. Situation analysis and identification of the implementation modalities. Revision of all formal documents.

Rwanda  "Establishment of Basket Fund for Media Development" - Client: UNDP, 2012
Feasibility study for the establishment of a Media Basket Fund for media capacity building aiming to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in media sector development interventions and enabling media to be economically sustainable and meet professional standards. Drafting organizational and management structure, eligibility criteria, scope of fund intervention and Roadmap for basket fund implementation and strategy for resource mobilisation.

Jordan "Programme on Support to Democratisation, Civil Society and Media" - Client: EU Delegation Jordan, 2011.
Identification and formulation of the 2012 Programme on Support to Democratisation, Civil Society and Media in Jordan. Analysis of the institutional and administrative needs of media in Jordan and the needs for training of journalists and authorities. Improvement of public confidence in media, media quality and media freedom and decrease in journalists' self-censorship. Preparation of a dialogue with all local stakeholders and a 2-year media and civil society programme of 10 million Euros for the EU Delegation, including all formal documents.

Serbia "Media Study for the National Media Strategy of the Ministry of Culture" - Client: EU and Ministry of Culture, 2010
Pre-accession study for the Serbian government on the present economic, legislative and political status of the media sector comparing the Serbian media landscape with 3 EU member countries and presenting all key media stakeholders with economic, legal and policy recommendations. The recommendation conference was followed by 6 Ministry of Culture and OSCE stakeholder meetings providing the foundation for a future media policy strategy in Serbia.

Bangladesh "Support to Media in Closed Societies and/or where Media Freedoms are Limited" - Client: BBC Media Action, 2011
Research and production of the Bangladesh case study of the project ‘Support to media in closed societies and/or where media freedoms are limited'. The three-year project, funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) examines the development of media - with a particular focus on relationships between people, politics and media - in South Sudan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania (TBC) and Syria. It focuses specifically on external support from donors and media development organisations to local media organisations and civil society organisations (CSOs) in each of these contexts.

Serbia "Evaluation of Grant Applications for Media Support" - Client: EU, 2010
Evaluation of grant applications by Serbian media for documentaries, radio and television features, docudramas, and print productions focusing on EU integration.

Nigeria "Stakeholder Driven Media Sector Development Strategy" - Client: Nigerian Ministry of Information and National Orientation and Danish MFA, 2002
Analysis, design and strategy for the Nigerian media sector providing the framework for coordinated donor assistance to the media sector. Good governance, democracy and social development and preventing recurring communal conflicts.

Afghanistan "Advice to the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture" - Client: EC RRM, 2002
Appraisal, design and monitoring of EC post-conflict support concerning media policy advice and capacity building at the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture. Procurement and appraisal of technical survey on transmission possibilities.

Kosovo "Communication and Outreach Strategy including ToR for TA on Census 2011" - Client: EU IPA, 2009
Comprehensive outreach strategy to involve minorities in the 2011 Kosovo census and a communication strategy encouraging high census registration participation based on qualitative research of target groups attitude. Developed Terms of Reference for a 1½-year technical assistance project to implement the census as well as the related outreach and communications strategies.

Kosovo "Support to the Kosovo Media Institute - Phase II" under IPA 2008 - Client: ECLO, 2008
Draft of the terms of reference and outline project strategy for the Kosovo Media Institute, Phase II as a means to increase democracy and good governance in Kosovo and to encourage development and consolidation of media and civil society.

Baltic States, Russia, Poland, Denmark "Training Media Professionals from Russia and the Baltics. Democracy, Peace, and European Integration" - Client: Danish MFA and EC INTERREG, 1994-2003
Feasibility, design, monitoring and repeated evaluations of a transitional regional long term capacity building programme for journalists, managers and technicians in the media sector in the Baltic States, Russia, Poland and Denmark

Baltic Sea Countries "Institution Building in Russia and the Baltics. Democracy, Peace, and European Integration" - Client: Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Danish Ministry of Culture, 1994 - 2003
Feasibility, design, implementation and continued evaluation of long term regional programme aiming to transform state broadcasters into public service broadcasters as well as developing and strengthening the capacity of regional and national professional associations.

Kosovo "Development of Kosovo Media Institute Phases I and II" - Client: EU, 2008-2009
TA to management, capacity building at Kosovo Media Institute, creating a pool of journalism trainers, establishing a network of local broadcasters and developing public-relations and marketing unit.

Kosovo "Second Phase of Kosovo Media Institute" - Client: EU, 2009-2010
TA to the implementation of second phase of the Kosovo Media Institute with particular focus on building its media advocacy capacity.

Balkans "Media Development Strategy for the Balkans"- Client: OSCE, 2011
Long term media development strategy for the OSCE based on experiences across the Balkans.

Kosovo "Establishment of Press Council" - Client: OSCE, 2009
Establishment of a multi-ethnic Press Council, self-regulatory body for the print media, in Kosovo.

Kosovo "Establishment of Independent Media Commission" - Client: OSCE, 2008
Management of the transformation of Temporary Media Commission into Independent Media Commission, the broadcast regulator, in Kosovo.

Global "Study of Public and Private Funds for Projects on Media Development" - Client: Media Consulting Group, 2012
Overview of the existing public and private funds that can contribute to projects related to CFI's missions, such as development support in the media (production, training, circulation of works, networking, capacity building of audiovisual companies, digital transition, journalists, etc.) in developing and emerging countries in Africa and the Mediterranean with a special focus on the Middle East and regions such as Balkan and emerging Asian countries.